Month: December 2014

Thank You!

The 2015 Health for Haiti class would like to thank all of the members of our community who donated medical supplies, personal care items, toys, fabric and clothing for our upcoming trip to Haiti.  We are now in the process of organizing and packing all of the supplies in suitcases. We are overwhelmed by your generosity!

Updates from Grande Saline

With Christmas just a couple of days away, the children at the Bridge to Haiti computer school in Grande Saline enjoyed a very special holiday treat. Their teacher, Dazulmey Jeudy (Tida),organized a “Fèt Noel” (Christmas Party) where the children sang Christmas songs and had a special holiday meal. They enjoyed a plate of rice and beans and some juice.  Although this is not a formal school, Tida thought it was important for the children to have a traditional holiday party. We are so proud of the kids and glad that they were able to have a special event for the holidays.


The people of Grande Saline are also preparing for the arrival of the Health for Haiti container housing the Pall-donated AX1 water filtration system and the solar power equipment.  The concrete pad is finished and awaiting the arrival of the container. The container is in Port-au-Prince but still has to clear Customs.

Just a couple of weeks until the 2015 Health for Haiti class is in Haiti!  The students have been working hard and are doing a wonderful job raising money to support our January projects in Haiti. We are excited to have the chance to see our friends in Haiti and to work on our clean water and computer lab projects, assist Dr. Robinson with health clinics (we have collected lots of medical supplies!), provide education on nutrition, and distribute some clothing and toys.

Thanks to everyone who attended our fundraisers, and donated money, medical supplies, clothing and computers!


“Sew N’ Sews” Donate 100 Dresses for Girls in Haiti

The “Sew N’ Sews”, a ladies sewing group at the United Methodist Church in Whitney Point, New York, have donated over 100 beautiful hand made dresses to Health for Haiti.  The 2015 Health for Haiti class will distribute the dresses in Haiti this January.  The Sew N’ Sews have made over 6000 of these beautiful and colorful dresses during their weekly meetings in their church Fellowship Hall.  They donate the dresses to girls in need around the world.  Thank you to the Sew N’ Sews for this wonderful donation!


“Bridge to Haiti”: Computer Class Continues in Grande Saline

The children in Grande Saline continue to enjoy their computer literacy lessons and are becoming more and more comfortable in their computer use. The pictures below are from a class this week.The children are using three laptops donated by Geodis and SUNY Broome. The laptops were refurbished by the Bridging the Digital Divide Program (BDDP) and are currently powered with a gas generator.

In January, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will bring eight new laptops provided by the SUNY Broome Business Information Technology Department, as well as some additional Toughbooks provided by Geodis. The 2015 Health for Haiti  students plan to teach the students in Grande Saline how to use PowerPoint, how to take pictures with a digital camera, and how to incorporate the images into presentations. This training will enable the kids in Grande Saline to share information with the children at George F. Johnson (GFJ) Elementary School in Endicott. (The kids at GFJ have raised money for the digital cameras as part of their participation in the “Bridge to Haiti” program.)

Also, thanks to the hard work of SUNY Broome Professor Sandy Wright’s Project Management class, we now have a Facebook site where students in the United States and students in Haiti can interact, and we will be able to provide the students in Grande Saline with certificates of achievement to celebrate their progress.

If all goes well with our recent shipment to Haiti, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will also work under the direction of Dr. Gay Canough from ETM Solar Works to help install the equipment needed to power the Grande Saline Computer Lab with solar power.

Thank you to everyone who has donated resources, time, equipment and expertise to the “Bridge to Haiti” project. You are providing these children and young adults with a valuable opportunity to gain new skills and new experiences.

SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene Students Assemble Personal Care Kits for Haiti

Using washcloths, shampoo, lotion, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes that were donated by the generous SUNY Broome community, the SUNY Broome Dental Hygiene students assembled 500 personal care kits for people in Haiti. The kits will be distributed by the 2015 Health for Haiti students while they are in Haiti this January.  “We are putting together the care kits because of a request from Pastor Vincent in Cite Soleil,” explains Professor Hankin.  “He wanted them to be given to the  mothers and widows during our food distribution.  They will be a little gift for these women from the people at SUNY Broome. ”

Geodis Donates More Toughbooks for “Bridge to Haiti”!

Geodis has once again provided valuable equipment for the Bridge to Haiti program. John Yesensky and his team from Asset Recovery Operations at Geodis in Endicott have refurbished and donated thirteen more Panasonic Toughbooks to the program. Last summer, Geodis donated six of these rugged machines,  the very first computers that Bridge to Haiti placed in Haiti. The Toughbooks are built to withstand rough conditions like drops, dust, and grime….and are perfect for heavy use in rural Haiti.

One of these machines will be dedicated to the Pall AX1 water system in Grande Saline and will permit communication between the Haitian operators and the engineers at Pall in Cortland. The engineers at Pall will be able to monitor the system and help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

The rest of the Toughbooks will be used to provide computer literacy training to children and young adults at our computer lab sites in Haiti.

Thank you again to Geodis for their incredible support of the Bridge to Haiti program!!

Pall Corporation Donates Laptops to “Bridge to Haiti” Program

Thank you (once again) to the Pall Corporation in Cortland, New York!  Today, the employees at Pall donated 35 (!) laptops to Health for Haiti’s “Bridge to Haiti” program.  The used laptops were prepared and reformatted by Pall employee Rick Dorman, who worked on the laptops in his spare time.

The computers were picked up at Pall in Cortland this morning and delivered to Jack Rappaport, the head of computer refurbishment for BDDP.  Thank you to Jack and the BDDP Refurbishment Team at Binghamton University who will begin work this Saturday to load all the  necessary software on the machines and prepare them for use in Haiti.

In January, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will transport these laptops to Haiti and install them at our computer lab sites.  The students will use the machines to provide some basic computer literacy training to children and young adults. The computers will remain in Haiti and will be used to provide new opportunities for computer literacy training.

The “Bridge to Haiti” program would not exist without generous donations of time and equipment from our community sponsors.  Thank you.

Work Begins in Grande Saline

Thanks to a tremendous amount of help and support from Geodis, the Pall AX1 water filtration system is on a ship somewhere between New York and Port au Prince. The people of Grande Saline have started to prepare for its arrival. They will construct a concrete pad that will serve as a base for the container and water system.  The pad must be elevated as this area is close to the river and occasionally floods.

You can watch the work begin here:

Funds to purchase the materials needed for the concrete pad came from donations collected by the Pall Corporation.