Month: April 2015

Cholera Cases Increase in Haiti

Last week the Haitian newspaper Haiti Libre published an article about the recent increase in cholera cases in Haiti (  The article mentions the Artibonite region of Haiti (which includes the area of Grande Saline that Health for Haiti serves) and reports that figures released by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population show that the number of cholera cases reported between January and March 2015 exceed the number of cases reported during the same period in 2012 when the outbreak was at its peak.

We hope that access to clean water will help to protect the people in Grande Saline.  Dr. Robinson tells us that people from the surrounding area continue to use all kinds of transportation to come for water.  The operators are giving out about 10,000 gallons of clean water each week in Grande Saline. Please see the pictures below of water system operator Nadege helping to distribute clean water. Dr. Robinson says,”The water filtration system is changing life.  We are not too worried about cholera now because the population drink good and safe water.”

Please continue to support this project so that the people of Grande Saline can have clean water to drink. Until we raise enough money to install solar power equipment to run the system, we must purchase gas for the generators.  If you wish, you can donate to the Health for Haiti clean water project by visiting:  Please be sure to choose the “Restricted Purpose/Fund” button and put “Haiti Clean Water” in the box. Thank you!

GFJ Elementary School Continues Work for Bridge to Haiti Program

BridgetoHaitiLogoCheck out the great work that the kids at George F. Johnson Elementary School are doing as part of the Bridge to Haiti program!

So far 99 students at the Good Samaritan Foundation School in Cite Soleil have created PowerPoint presentations to share with local students. Below are some recent pictures of the children at Don Bosco Ecole Informatique de Rossignol in Grande Saline, Haiti working on their PowerPoint presentations for the kids at GFJ.


A New Picture from Grande Saline

The recent rains in Haiti have made the condition of the river water in Grande Saline even worse, but the filtration system is doing a great job!


The Water in Grande Saline Passes Inspection

People continue to come for clean water in Grande Saline.  JJ and Esterling went to Grande Saline yesterday to check on the system and the operators. Together they cleaned out the tanks and made some small adjustments to the system.  The operators had asked for some chairs so that they could sit out of the sun while they were working.  JJ and Esterling brought them four chairs and a small table.

Today an inspector from the Haitian government came to check the water from the filtration system.  Dr. Robinson says that the inspector was surprised to taste our good water! Thanks to JJ, Esterling and the operators for all of their hard work and thanks to Tida and Dr. Robinson for the pictures.