Month: May 2015

Images From Grande Saline

Today Tida sent me some images of the busy water filtration system in Grande Saline.  Thousands of gallons of clean water are being distributed every day. We will be sending money soon to help the community purchase the gas needed to run the generators that power the water filtration system.  With the hope of making this project more sustainable, we are working to partner with the Endwell Rotary club and other local Rotary clubs to write a grant to help us purchase solar power equipment to run the system. This project is so important for the health of the community of Grande Saline.  We will work hard to implement the next phase of the process so that the system can be powered by Haiti’s abundant sunshine!


Friday Afternoon Computer Class in Grande Saline


Here are some recent photos from the computer school in Grande Saline.  The solar power equipment installed by the 2015 Health for Haiti students and Dr. Gay Canough from ETM Solar Work is providing plenty of power for the computers. There are about 90 students having weekly computer classes at Don Bosco Ecole Informatique de Grande Saline. Thank you to Tida for doing such a great job taking care of the computers and teaching the computer classes.

We will be visiting the school in July to bring PowerPoint presentations and USB drives from the students at George F. Johnson Elementary School in Endicott. We also hope to provide some uniform shirts for the students in Haiti. We are so proud of their progress and look forward to seeing them continue to develop their computer skills!