Month: February 2016

We grew 504 pounds of beans in the community garden!

The first bean and corn harvest from the community garden is wrapping up in Grande Saline.  The garden has also yielded melons, pumpkins, eggplant, okra, papaya, and some bananas. The farmers harvested 504 pounds of beans (!) that will now be available for the school lunch.  The corn will be ground and roasted, and  some will be used to make corn soup. The next step will be to weed the land and plant more corn.

We also have some education updates. The children are really enjoying the donated school supplies! Tida has been teaching the kids using the nutrition and clean water/sanitation lessons that were brought by the 2016 Health for Haiti students and he reports that they are doing really well learning the content. They are learning about the why the food in the garden is good for them, and about how to stay healthy by washing their hands.

In Bridge to Haiti news, the computer students have also been learning from the excellent computer literacy lessons created by SUNY Broome Business students, and they are now using pictures from the garden to construct their own PowerPoint presentations.

Thank you for your continued support of Health for Haiti and our neighbors in Grande Saline!


Pwa bel nou! (Our beautiful beans!)

Today the farmers in Grande Saline began harvesting the dried beans. The beans will be removed from the pods and stored. These beans will be used as part of the school lunch for the children in Grande Saline. The bean harvest will continue as the beans continue to dry in the garden. In a few weeks, it will be time to harvest the corn.  Thanks to all of the Health for Haiti students and to everyone who has so generously supported the community garden project. We hope you will join us in taking a moment to celebrate our first harvest!