Month: September 2017

Calm Before the Storm

It seems like the whole world is watching the path of Hurricane Irma as it moves through the Caribbean and towards the United States. While it looks as if Haiti will be spared a potentially catastrophic direct hit from powerful Hurricane Irma, there are grave concerns about heavy rainfall that will cause devastating flooding in the already fragile country.  We are in contact with our friends in Port au Prince and Grande Saline, and we hope that everyone will have shelter and be safe.  Hurricane season is always a scary time.

In the mean time, we have good news from Grande Saline.  The rice growing in the community garden is looking beautiful. If all continues to go well, it should be ready for harvest in late October. It is great to see all those future lunches growing in the garden!

And we have heard that the teachers in Grande Saline are excited and ready to welcome the children back to begin school on Monday (weather permitting).  There are exciting plans in place for new classrooms and desks, and we have twenty children who are able to start school next week because of the Helping Children School Scholarship Program.

Here in the US, we are excited to welcome new students to the 2018 Health for Haiti class.  We have some exciting projects coming together for January!  Interested students should apply now using the link on the front page of this website.

As we wait to see what Irma brings, we hope for the safety of everyone in the path of the hurricane. Thanks for following Health for Haiti.