Heading Home

After a final breakfast in Haiti we packed up, weighed our suitcases, said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. It was difficult to leave, but I think most of us were happy to return home.

What an amazing adventure it was.
Thank you to the stellar 2014 “Health for Haiti” students. You exceeded all of our expectations. We learned so much from you and are proud to have shared this experience with you.
Thank you to our hosts in Haiti for your amazing hospitality.
Thank you to our translators for your hard work and friendship.
Thank you to our donors who supported our fundraising efforts.
Thank you to Dan, Susanne, and Tom (AKA: Dad) for all of your hard work and support on the trip.
And, a special thank you to Maureen Hankin and Gina Curcio for making this class possible.

You all made great things happen in Haiti. We distributed food for 500 families is City Soleil, we treated nearly 200 patients at our health clinics, we distributed water filtration systems to 75 families in Grande Saline, we provided education on dental care, cholera and hygiene to more than 300 children and adults. We made many new friends, we learned about the rich history and culture of Haiti, and we provided care and comfort at hospitals and orphanages.

I know we all now have a new appreciation for easy access to clean water, good food, medical care and education. We also have a very special place in our hearts for the people of Haiti. Thank you for following our journey! Although this part has come to an end, there is so much more we can accomplish….and this is really just the beginning.


















One thought on “Heading Home

  1. Jen,
    It seems to me that despite your difficulties finding power to post updates, this blog really came together fine. I’m truly inspired by what the group was able to accomplish!

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