“Bridge to Haiti”: Computer Class Continues in Grande Saline

The children in Grande Saline continue to enjoy their computer literacy lessons and are becoming more and more comfortable in their computer use. The pictures below are from a class this week.The children are using three laptops donated by Geodis and SUNY Broome. The laptops were refurbished by the Bridging the Digital Divide Program (BDDP) and are currently powered with a gas generator.

In January, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will bring eight new laptops provided by the SUNY Broome Business Information Technology Department, as well as some additional Toughbooks provided by Geodis. The 2015 Health for Haiti  students plan to teach the students in Grande Saline how to use PowerPoint, how to take pictures with a digital camera, and how to incorporate the images into presentations. This training will enable the kids in Grande Saline to share information with the children at George F. Johnson (GFJ) Elementary School in Endicott. (The kids at GFJ have raised money for the digital cameras as part of their participation in the “Bridge to Haiti” program.)

Also, thanks to the hard work of SUNY Broome Professor Sandy Wright’s Project Management class, we now have a Facebook site where students in the United States and students in Haiti can interact, and we will be able to provide the students in Grande Saline with certificates of achievement to celebrate their progress.

If all goes well with our recent shipment to Haiti, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will also work under the direction of Dr. Gay Canough from ETM Solar Works to help install the equipment needed to power the Grande Saline Computer Lab with solar power.

Thank you to everyone who has donated resources, time, equipment and expertise to the “Bridge to Haiti” project. You are providing these children and young adults with a valuable opportunity to gain new skills and new experiences.

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