Updates from Grande Saline

With Christmas just a couple of days away, the children at the Bridge to Haiti computer school in Grande Saline enjoyed a very special holiday treat. Their teacher, Dazulmey Jeudy (Tida),organized a “Fèt Noel” (Christmas Party) where the children sang Christmas songs and had a special holiday meal. They enjoyed a plate of rice and beans and some juice.  Although this is not a formal school, Tida thought it was important for the children to have a traditional holiday party. We are so proud of the kids and glad that they were able to have a special event for the holidays.


The people of Grande Saline are also preparing for the arrival of the Health for Haiti container housing the Pall-donated AX1 water filtration system and the solar power equipment.  The concrete pad is finished and awaiting the arrival of the container. The container is in Port-au-Prince but still has to clear Customs.

Just a couple of weeks until the 2015 Health for Haiti class is in Haiti!  The students have been working hard and are doing a wonderful job raising money to support our January projects in Haiti. We are excited to have the chance to see our friends in Haiti and to work on our clean water and computer lab projects, assist Dr. Robinson with health clinics (we have collected lots of medical supplies!), provide education on nutrition, and distribute some clothing and toys.

Thanks to everyone who attended our fundraisers, and donated money, medical supplies, clothing and computers!


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