2015 Health for Haiti Class Arrives in Haiti

Greetings from Haiti! It has been a very long day, beginning with meeting the bus at 1am at SUNY Broome and heading for JFK Airport. Check in went pretty smoothly, especially considering that we had 23 travelers and 36 suitcases. We had some time to have a little breakfast at the airport and then boarded our plane for Haiti.  We somehow collected all of our suitcases, made it through customs with only a little bit of an issue, and loaded onto our bus.  It was wonderful to see our friends JJ and Dan and our fearless bus driver TeeJo.

After unloading our luggage at the Guesthouse, and receiving a warm welcome from Jude, we headed out to the DeliMart to purchase some supplies. We returned to a wonderful dinner of rice, chicken, beans and plantains.  After dinner we sorted some supplies and had a brief meeting to get ready for tomorrow.  We will start the day at Mother Teresa’s Hospital for Children where were will help to care for the sick babies.  We will also provide some oral hygiene and nutrition education to about 400 school children. Everyone is tired and is looking forward to getting some sleep.  Bon Nwit from Haiti!

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