We are one step closer to bringing clean water to the people of Grande Saline!

Tom Collart (AKA my Dad) went to Haiti this weekend to continue work on the Pall AX1 water filtration system.  He, JJ, Schneider and Esterling worked very hard and successfully completed all of the work that they hoped to accomplish!  They repaired the compressor, rewired the pump, made the necessary cuts in the shelter (container) and fitted all the pipes.  They also took pictures of the operators (we are making them badges) and checked in on the Grande Saline computer school (thanks Esterling and Tida).

The next (and I hope final) step will be for the team, including our amazing Pall engineers, to return to Grande Saline to get the system running and spend a few days training the Haitian operators how to run and maintain the system.  This is such an important project for the Health for Haiti group.  Access to clean water is a vital and basic necessity that is easy for us to take for granted. It is really exciting to see the project moving forward.  Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. And special thanks to the crew that is there now and worked so hard over the past few days.  All of you who have been there know how difficult that trip to Grande Saline is.  These guys went to Grande Saline two days in a row (each way is at least a four hour drive in the truck with no AC) and put in long, hot hours of work.  I am also wishing for a safe return for my dad tonight.  He is scheduled to fly into Syracuse pretty late and then must drive home to Endicott.  I am hoping that the bad weather holds off until he is back home safe. (Update on 2/9/15:  Tom made it home safe!)

Below are some pictures (thanks for sharing Schneider and Rachael!).  Stay tuned for Phase 3!!

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  1. Ruth Moody
    February 8, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    amazing stories, Jennifer. God is blessing your non-stop efforts! I will pray for a safe trip for your dad from Syracuse as well.

    ruth moody :)​

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