Health for Haiti 2016: We Made It!

Our day started at 2am, in the snow, at SUNY Broome.  Every student was on time and ready to go.  We drove to JKF and worked on getting our 49(!) suitcases checked. We had a good flight and Professor Hankin and I were so impressed with how amazing the students were.  This is not an easy trip and we made it all the way to Port au Prince without a single problem or complaint. We managed to get all of our suitcases through Customs in Port au Prince (no easy task) and thanks to the amazing JJ we made it to our bus and “home” to Jude’s.  Jude gave us a very warm welcome and then we headed to the Deli Mart for some water.  Thanks to JJ, Schneider, Kenold and Roosevelt for helping us. We had a wonderful dinner and are looking forward to getting so rest tonight. We are so happy to be here and ready to start our work tomorrow! Tomorrow morning we will head to Cite Soleil for the day.  Bon nwit from Haiti!


7 thoughts on “Health for Haiti 2016: We Made It!

  1. It looks as though things are off to a great start. So glad that you all arrived there safe and sound. We here at CCE-BC love reading about the happenings! Thanks for sharing.

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