Day 1 in Grande Saline

It was a long but exciting day for the Health for Haiti team,  We started out early and left right at 7am as planned. Of course you have to realize that the Haiti version of 7am is 8:11am. We drove to our hotel in Saint Marc, dropped off our personal bags and prepared to transfer our many, many suitcases to the second bus we had rented. Of course that would require the second bus to actually fit 39 people and about that many suitcases. So, our Port au Prince bus driver Tidjo agreed to take us to Grande Saline in his bus.  Thank you, Tidjo…we love you.  We made it to Grande Saline by 1:30pm and immediately started unloading our suitcases. We have so many projects in Grande Saline, I will try to recap them all.

We set up for medical and dental clinics and need to once again thank our community at home.  We have an incredibly well-stocked clinic and optical center. It is truly amazing what people donated to support these clinics!  We also started the solar installation, worked on the tippy-tap (hand washing station station….right next to the new bathroom!), did some art projects with the beautiful children, received many hugs and presented certificates of appreciation from Pall (thank you Jodi, Jesse, and Greg!) to our wonderful water system operators. We worked until about 4:45 and then headed back to the hotel for dinner and some relaxation.  Once again, the students exceeded all of our expectations and did a great job with everything, from waiting in a very hot bus to unloading equipment to helping the community of Grande Saline.  Please enjoy these pictures from our day! And please excuse the lack of captions…it was a long day. : )

We are off to Grande Saline early tomorrow morning for another full day of work.  Bon Nwit from Haiti!

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