Clean Hands and Dry Beans in Grande Saline

It has been a couple of weeks since we returned from Haiti and I am happy to share this update from Grande Saline with you. Thanks to Schneider for making the trip out to Grande Saline and providing the pictures and video.

The beans and corn growing in the Community Garden are mature and are now drying for harvest.   By drying the beans and the corn, the community will be able to store them and use them for school children’s lunch over time. There are also melons, okra, eggplant, papayas, and bananas growing in the garden. The beans will be ready for harvest very soon!

Meanwhile…the tippy-tap and bathroom are being used by children in the computer school and the regular community school.  In computer class, the children continue to learn about about nutrition and clean water, and practice their knowledge and computer skills.  The children are using the instructional materials that the 2016 Health for Haiti class delivered and the digital lessons created by SUNY Broome Business students.  They are also using school supplies donated by Johnson City Intermediate School, SUNY Broome and many generous members from our local community. Thanks to everyone who has helped to support these Health for Haiti projects in Grande Saline!

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