First Lunch from the Community Garden in Grande Saline!

Students gathered for their Saturday computer class in Grande Saline, but it was not an average day.  It has taken months of planning, and preparation, and hard work. But today, for the first time, the computer students in Grande Saline ate a lunch that consisted of food grown right up the road in the community garden! The farmers recently harvested 504 pounds of dried beans and 252 pounds of dried corn kernels from the garden. They also have melons, pumpkins, eggplant and okra. It was a very happy day in Grande Saline. As Schneider described it, “Today is victory day from the garden to the kids in Grande Saline”.

Below you can see a video of some of the students in Grande Saline celebrating the happy occasion of their first lunch from the community garden. I think it will be very clear what a fun and happy day it was! : )

Thanks to all of the Health for Haiti students and to the generous donors who have supported the community garden and school lunch program. Thanks to Tida and Schneider for co-managing the garden project. A special thanks to the farmers who planted and weeded and watered and harvested.  And thanks to the beautiful cooks for preparing the food.  It looks delicious!

The farmers are preparing to plant corn in the garden again, and we are excited and hopeful to see the project move forward.  Meanwhile, it is wonderful to see the results of all the hard work. For everyone who has been a part of the Health for Haiti project, I hope you will take a moment to enjoy this happy day.

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