It’s lunch! And other delicious Health for Haiti updates.

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Grande Saline.  The school lunch program is going well and the children are having lunch supplemented by beans, corn and other produce from the garden. Lunch is offered during the week for the school children and on Saturday for the children attending computer classes. Below are some pictures (and a video) from the school and lunch in Grande Saline.

This week, the community in Grande Saline celebrated the one year anniversary of the water filtration system.  They decorated the container and enjoyed some snacks and drinks. Access to clean water is contributing to better health in the community, and is definitely worth celebrating. Wow, the container looks so festive!

We also have some news from the community garden. Now that the corn and beans have been harvested, the farmers have cleared and replanted the garden. They left the moringa trees, which seem to be doing quite well.  You can see that is is a lot of work for the farmers to pump water out of the river to water the garden. There is already new corn growing in the garden and we look forward to another successful harvest.


BridgetoHaitiLogoWe also have a Bridge to Haiti update. Computer classes in Grande Saline have been expanded and are now being offered as part of the school curriculum.  These classes are allowing children who are not part of the Don Bosco Computer School to have an opportunity to learn some computer skills.  In addition to the ongoing classes in Grande Saline, classes are also being offered in Port au Prince.  Classes continue for hundreds of children at Pastor Vincent’s Good Samaritan School in Cite Soleil. The Good Samaritan computer teacher, Mr. Benjamin Ousner, is happy to have several students graduating from computer classes next month.  Our friend Joseph Johnson (JJ) is now offering computer classes at an orphanage in Port au Prince.  He said the children are so excited to learn how to turn on and off the computer, create a folder, and save a file.  Thank you JJ! We also look forward to new classes that will be offered at Amazing Grace Academy in Port au Prince. Amazing Grace Academy is scheduled to open in April. Thanks to Jean Frico for his work to create and support Amazing Grace Academy.  All of these computer classes are taught by Haitian teachers who often go months without a salary.  In addition to salary, Good Samaritan School and Amazing Grace Academy are also in need of help to purchase additional tables and chairs for the students. And we are also always grateful for donations of used laptops to support the Bridge to Haiti program.

Thank you for your continued support of lunch, clean water, the community garden, and computer classes.

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