A Lunch and Garden Update from Grande Saline

Here is another update from our friends in Grande Saline!  Thanks to the successful garden harvest and to the lovely ladies who do all the cooking, the school lunch program is going really well.  Below you can see some pictures of lunch preparation and of the local children eating their lunches.  It is so exciting to receive these updates and to see the children enjoying a nutritious lunch.

Below you can see a video of the how the beans from the garden are prepared and a video of some of the children having their lunch. I wonder who ends up washing all of those dishes!!

The garden has been replanted and is growing well.  The farmers have purchased some new pipe to expand the irrigation system and they have also been working to aerate the soil. We are looking forward to another great harvest from the garden.

We have at least one Health for Haiti team planning a summer trip to Haiti.  We will perform some maintenance and upgrades on the water system and check on the solar power equipment. We have some other things planned and look forward to providing some updates once we have finalized our plans. One project that we would like to assist the community with this summer is the construction of a kitchen/food storage building.  Members of the community have created plans for the kind of building that they would like to build.


The building would be a secure place to store all of the produce from the garden and the cooking tools.  It would also serve as an excellent place for preparing and serving lunch.  At this time, lunch is being prepared in a make-shift tent (please see pictures above).

The materials for the kitchen would be purchased locally and the structure would be built by members of the community in Grande Saline.

Last summer we were able to help with the construction of the two new classrooms. It would be nice to partner on another community construction project again this year.

Stay tuned for more updates about our summer trip to Haiti and some of our new initiatives. As always, thanks so much to everyone who has followed and so generously supported the Health for Haiti projects, and thanks again to our incredible students who have given their time and resources to make these projects a success.

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