Harmony for Haiti Spends a Final Day in Haiti

We spent our final day in Haiti in Port au Prince. We started at Mother Teresa’s Hospital, which, as it turns out, is not open to visitors on Thursdays. But the very kind sister in charge let us in to spend a few minutes holding the babies. After that we went to visit JJ’s orphanage. There are over 80 kids living there and we were all so impressed with how beautiful it was. In the afternoon we had a great visit with Pastor Vincent and the children who live with him. We enjoyed coloring, making music and just spending time together. The entire visit was filmed by the “Pipo Cam”. We had yet another busted fan belt on the way home, but made it back to Jude’s for some time to visit (Stanley came to see Nancy, Achna came to see me and Fritzka came to see all of us), dinner and a little shopping.

It has been a great trip with  long, hot, busy days. We accomplished a lot, made music with hundreds of people, and shared some tears and a lot of laughs. Thanks to the summer 2016 Health for Haiti team for working tirelessly and being awesome. Special thanks to Marcia and Lynn for all the work you did to prepare for the super successful music camp and teacher’s workshop. All I can say is “wow”. Thanks  JJ, Schneider, Jean, Elysee and Chris for being such amazing partners on this trip. Thanks Tidjo for driving us (we are sorry that Ben’s head knocked the window out of your bus). Thanks Le Gou T and the #1 guest house in Port au Prince: Estinfil Guest House (we love you Jude).

And most of all, thank you beautiful, crazy, wonderful Haiti!  

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