Grande Saline Children Form School Pride Leadership Committee

Health for Haiti would like to acknowledge and congratulate students from the Ecole Baptiste Conservatrice de Rossignol in Grande Saline for their initiative and school service efforts.  Under the guidance of school Principal, Pastor Berlando, the school children recently elected a School Pride Leadership Committee that will oversee new school projects and recreation activities.  The committee will also take responsibility for the school bathroom and hand-washing station (tippy-tap).

School Pride Leadership Committee: Kendy, Jasmine, Midens, Ritchilove, Mirlancar and Elysee

The committee will work with and organize the rest of the school children to take care of the bathroom facility. The committee has put in place a rotating schedule for classes to take turns managing and cleaning the bathroom.  Pastor Berlando would like to congratulate the fifth year students for their excellent work to keep the bathroom clean this month. He reports that he is very pleased (and maybe a little surprised) about how hard the children worked and how clean the bathroom is!

Another role for the committee is to ensure that the tippy-tap jugs are filled with clean water.  The committee has also designed a plan for the older children to teach the younger children how to properly wash their hands. Hand-washing will help to prevent the spread of respiratory and diarrheal diseases that can be so devastating for children in this part of the world.  The education and encouragement provided by the older children can go a long way towards keeping children healthy and in school!

One of the dedicated students on the School Pride Leadership Committee is the recipient of a Grande Saline Helping Children School Scholarship. That student is not only making the most of the opportunity to obtain an education, but is giving back to the school and the community through service on the committee.

Health for Haiti students and donors have worked hard to help provide the students in Grande Saline with some of the tools, facilities, and educational materials they need to stay healthy and succeed in school.  It is really inspiring to see the children take pride in their school and take real responsibility for building a stronger, healthier school community.  Thank you to Pastor Berlando, the dedicated teachers, and to the School Pride Leadership Committee for their great efforts.

Health for Haiti looks forward to continuing to partner with Ecole Baptiste Conservatrice de Rossignol in Grande Saline.  One way to celebrate and encourage the new school initiatives is to help support the local children who are currently unable to afford an education.  If you would like to help, please consider participating in the “Grande Saline Helping Children School Scholarship Program”.  You can get started by filling out this form:

Thank you for your continued support of Health for Haiti!

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