Please Support the 2018 Health for Haiti Class Fundraising Efforts!

Greetings from Health for Haiti!  Our 2018 class is working hard to raise money to fund out work in Haiti this January.  The students had a very successful Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee’s, and are now preparing for our Third Annual Bowling Fundraiser this Saturday.  The fundraiser is at 12:30 pm on Saturday, December 9th at Midway Lanes.  We still have room for more bowlers (email ASAP), or, please just come by Midway Lanes to check out our basket raffles or purchase a ticket for our 50/50 raffle.  Your support will mean a lot to our 2018 Health for Haiti students. The students are paying tuition, all of their own travel expenses, and working very to raise money to help hundreds of families in Haiti. We are so proud to work with this amazing team! Please consider showing your support for their efforts.

And now some updates from Haiti.  Things are going well at the water system in Grande Saline.  The wood platform that supports the water tanks was in bad shape because of the flooding experienced by the community in the past year.  The tanks were moved and a new concrete platform was built in place of the wood.  The taps are now more secure and supported by the new concrete structure. The water system continues to supply clean, safe drinking water to the community.

In other news from Grande Saline, plans are moving forward for the new student vegetable garden!  Land has been rented and materials purchased.  The rice was harvested from the big community garden and is now stored for the school student lunch program.  The community is preparing to plant beans and corn in that garden later this month. Beans are so important as a source of protein, so we are happy to see another crop going in!  We plan to visit both gardens in January.

Things are also going well at the sewing school, where students are learning how to make patterns. We are looking forward to meeting with the students and teachers and seeing their most recent work in January.

In other news, construction of a much-needed fourth classroom space in underway.

Dr. Gary and his team continue to provide a monthly health clinic for the community in Grande Saline. They say 40 patients in November.

Finally, the children who are attending school with help from the Health for Haiti Helping Children Program are sending some holiday messages to their sponsors.

There are about 25 children in Grande Saline who are able to attend school because of this scholarship support.  Donors also help to provide the computer literacy lab that serves all 180 students in Grande Saline,

We are also still collecting over the counter medical supplies. Please click below for a list of items that we need.

Health for Haiti 2018 Donation Flyer

Thanks for your support! We are working hard to prepare all of our programs for January, and we look forward to sharing more updates and pictures and video from our trip.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our ongoing efforts. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated here and in Haiti.

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