Rain and Rice in Haiti

Greetings from Haiti! It rained all day, and we are all soaked, but it was a wonderful day. Of course our bus got stuck in the mud (AKA Haitian Snow), but our fabulous staff pushed us out. The students spent a few hours bagging rice, beans, fish, and oil. They made bags for 300 families and then distributed them.

Dr. Gay gave a presentation on economics, entrepreneurship, and soap-making for some wonderful ladies in the community. Thanks to Sweetcakes Soap for the donation of materials!

We also visited the water system (in the pouring rain) and Greg explained how the system cleans the water.

We are so grateful for this amazing team and these incredible students. Everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved rest and another busy day in Grande Saline in Haiti.

Sorry I can’t post more pictures. Haiti wi-fi is a challenge.

Bon Nwit from Haiti!

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  1. Robin Peritz
    January 5, 2018 at 12:58 am

    Thank you for all the hard work to help the people of Haiti! We love the updates and pictures.

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