Goodbye to Grande Saline.

Greetings from warm, wonderful, Haiti!

Today was our last day in Grande Saline and it was another productive and joyful day for our team.

Medical saw ninety-seven patients today, twice as many many as yesterday. We saw babies and the elderly and everything in between. In addition, thirty-six patients received reading glasses.

Fifty five children were seen in the dental clinic today and over 200 permanent teeth were sealed. Twenty severely decayed teeth were treated with silver diamine fluoride.

The water team did some troubleshooting on the older air compressor and was unable to find the source of the problem. Greg will contact the manufacturer for assistance. They completed their work with some clean up and organization. The system continues to provide clean, safe drinking water to the entire community.

The education team presented a lesson on science and scientific observation that is meant to prepare students for an upcoming lesson on microscopy. The eight teachers were each asked to each choose a student to attend the lesson with them. The goal was to teach the teachers so they can deliver the lesson to all of the students. It was so fun to use magnifying glasses to make observations and recored them in their notebooks.

We also provided lunch for the kids, and visited the garden again (for the students who did not get to go yesterday) and planted okra. After that we returned to the hotel for some fun and relaxation and to just enjoy being together.

We have accomplished so much in the past three days and cannot say enough about these students. They are amazing.

Tomorrow we will attend Haitian church and head to Port au Prince.

Bon nwit from Haiti.

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