Student Garden Yields Healthy Harvest

We are still dealing with plenty of winter weather in the Binghamton, NY area, but the sun is shining and the gardens are growing in Grande Saline.  The tomatoes and okra planted by the 2018 Health for Haiti class are being picked and enjoyed by the school children in Grande Saline. There are beans and corn growing in the big community garden and, in addition to tomatoes  and okra, the student vegetable garden is also providing peppers and eggplant. Many of the seeds currently growing in the garden were generously donated by Seeding Relief at Delaware Valley University. Check out the wonderful work they are doing here:

The produce (along with our last harvest of rice from the big garden) is providing a healthy lunch for the school children. The gardens are a source of pride for the community and the students are enjoying learning best practices for growing their own food.  Pastor Berlando reports, “The children are having a wonderful experience in the garden. It is a great thing for our school and our community. Many people from the community come to visit the garden to see the good things we are growing. Each person who sees the beautiful garden congratulates us on our project.”  Pastor also tells us that after all the success with the garden, now the children are talking about adding some school goats and chickens to the project! They are working on a plan to share with us.

Things are busy in the classroom in Grande Saline too. Computer classes remain a favorite of the children and they look forward to continuing to partner with the SUNY Broome Bridge to Haiti program and adding more lessons.  Plans are still moving forward to create a computer literacy class for adults.

The instruments and song books donated by the children and teachers at Tioga Hills Elementary School are very popular and are being used for music class.  The children have decided to work on forming an orchestra that can play at church services.

On Thursday, March 8th we received good wishes for International Women’s Day from all of the ladies in Grande Saline! It was a great time to celebrate all of the wonderful ladies who work hard to make a positive difference in the world.

Thank you for your continued support of Health for Haiti!

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