Our Community

Our projects in Haiti are made possible by the help of our local and international partners and donors.

Corporate Partners:

Pall Corporation, Cortland, NY.
A very generous donation of an Aria AX Clean Water System provides clean water to the people of Grand Saline at the rate of approximately 30,000 gallons per day. The Pall Corporation has also donated laptop computers for our digital literacy programs.

ETM Solar Works, Endicott, NY
Dr. Canough is the CEO and founder of Extraterrestrial Materials, Inc. (ETM Solar Works), which has provided us guidance needed to design and purchase  the solar power required to operate the computer lab and sewing school in Grand Saline, which does not have an alternate electrical source. Dr. Canough donated her time, trucks to deliver equipment and has traveled to Haiti with us to install and maintain the solar equipment.

Geodis Wilson, Endicott, NY
Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies. Geodis Wilson staff have donated their time and resources to manage the logistics of shipping the water system and solar power equipment to Haiti.  They have also provided refurbished computers and and equipment for our computer labs is Haiti.

Local Partners:

Endwell Rotary Club, Endwell, NY.
Endwell Rotary is proud to provide a scholarship to the 2015 and 2016 Health for Haiti program trips. This accredited program for SUNY Broome is providing a model for delivering humanitarian aid from our community to developing countries.Rotary International provides support to humanitarian projects across the world in 6 focus areas: Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, Economic and Community Development. Our largest project has been the eradication of Polio where we have immunized over 2 billion children.

Church of the Holy Family, Endwell, NY.
The people of the Church of the Holy Family in Endwell are major supporters of our work in Haiti. Their generous donations made shipping the solar and water filtration equipment to Haiti possible. They also provide critical ongoing support for our projects in Grande Saline, including operation of the clean water system, the community garden and our support of health and education in the community.

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