A Successful Last Day in Grande Saline

Greetings from Haiti! Today was our last day in Grande Saline. We will miss our dear friends but we accomplished a lot during our visit. We continued our work on the various projects we started yesterday.

Our medical/dental clinic saw 121 patients today! The triage team of Brooke, Finley, Hollis, Sam, Robert, Natasha, Roosevelt, Wacnel did a great job greeting patients, assessing complaints and taking height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.  After filling out a health form, they send their patients to see Dr. Gary and Dr. Robinson. Kristy, Amelia, Emily, and Lucile worked non-stop in the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions Dr. Gary and Dr. Robinson prescribed. Darlene and Bury worked together in the optical area to give community members prescription glasses. The Dental Team (Molly, Jennie, Kat, Mikayla, Min, and Eddyson has another record day. They saw 59 patients and sealed 340 teeth! Professor Hankin said the children were wonderful and very cooperative.

The water system team performed some necessary upgrades including a valve replacement and software update The software update was done remotely between the team here in Haiti and the Pall Corporation back home in the States (and the programmer, Matt, was even took time during his vacation to do this!). Thanks to, Jacob, Greg, Tom, Louie, Riley, Mia and the water system operators for their help in ensuring the community will continue to have access to clean water! And thanks to Silvia for a great job taking pictures and video with the drone.

While the water system was being worked on, the Education Team was back at it teaching lessons on the bones, heart, mosquitoes and malaria/insects, art, and physical education. The team had about 100 students who very much enjoyed learning how to stay safe and healthy. The kids were put in groups of ten to fifteen and rotated through all of the lessons. The kids were very excited to work with Claire, Tyler, and Steeven to learn about the heart, how it works and what it looks like. They even got to see a cow and sheep heart and listen to their own heartbeats using stethoscopes! Aurora, Nate, Lynn and Lyndie were in the next classroom over giving lessons on the bones. The students had the chance to look at x-rays and a skeleton. They viewed spongy bone through a microscope and even did a hands on activity to build some “bones” with cardboard and pipe cleaners. They also sang a few songs about the skeletal system! Sara, Abby, Austin, Marcia, Derson taught about mosquitoes and malaria.  The kids had the chance to examine insects and butterflies in microscopes and then were given the opportunity to choose an object and practice scientific observation skills.  They enjoyed drawing with colored pencils and made some beautiful art. Isaac, Kaia, Mia, Sara, and Riley started out in physical education. The guided the kids through some drills with the agility ladder and some soccer skills until it was too hot.  Then they gave a nutrition lesson to the kids who were waiting to go to the other lessons.

Later in the afternoon, lunch was ready!  The lunch was provided by donations that the students raised before our trip. The students helped to serve lunch to the children. It was great to see all of the kids enjoy a healthy meal! After packing up all of our supplies, we took the last hot, dusty, bumpy ride from Grande Saline.  We had a delicious dinner of chicken, pork, rice and beans, plantains and salad.  Then the students and translators played charades and heads up and celebrated a great three days of hard work in Grande Saline. Tomorrow we will have an early breakfast and attend Haitian church. After that we will travel to Port au Prince and settle in at Estinfil Guest House.  Once again the team did an amazing job under difficult conditions.  We are sad to leave our friends in Grande Saline but looking forward to continuing our work in Port au Prince.  Good night from Haiti!

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  1. Tg Kolb
    January 6, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Great pictures. The students and staff look to having a rewarding visit healing many people.

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