Health for Haiti Visits Damabiah Orphanage

Greetings from Haiti! Today was our final official work day in Haiti.  After breakfast we went to Damabiah Orphanage where we planned to hold our last medical/dental clinic and education program.  There are 612 children who attend school at Damabiah and 87 orphaned children who live there.  As soon as we arrived our team split up and worked on unpacking our supplies and setting up.  The medical team saw 104 patients.  The dental team saw 65 patients, applied 65 fluoride varnishes, and sealed 599 teeth! After seeing the children, our dental team also cleaned the interpreters teeth.  The education team served over 300 children with our lessons on the skeleton, the heart, art, insects/scientific illustration, and physical education (basketball).  We had so much fun working with all of the children.  We also provided and served lunch for the kids and left them SUNY Broome bags, flip-flops and some other small gifts and supplies.  We had a great time playing with the children after we finished working and it was sad to say goodbye to our new friends. When we returned to the guest house several of the students and staff worked really hard to reorganize and repack our 45 suitcases so we would be prepared to return home on Friday.  We had Jude’s delicious grilled chicken for dinner and then many of the students made sandwiches for our trip to the beach tomorrow. We are taking 25 kids from OAEH for a fun day of swimming and playing.   We made our traditional raw hot dog, mayo and ketchup on white bread sandwiches and, thanks to Schneider and Roosevelt, packed up cookies, chips and drinks for all of the kids.  We also have some beach toys for them to play with. It will be our final full day in Haiti and we are all looking forward to some fun in the Haiti sun.  We look forward to having some fun together after all of our hard work on this trip. Below are several pictures from our day.  Thanks again to Marcia and Silvia for sharing their photos.  Good night from Haiti!

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