Challenges and Progress

Once again our dear friends in Haiti are dealing with turmoil, chaos, and in some places, violence in the streets.  Frustration over poverty and poor living conditions are driving many people to protest against what they see as unfair economic and social policies.  As always, the situation in Haiti is complex. What is clear is that it is the working people who suffer most in a crisis like this.  Schools and stores are closed.  Many people are trapped at home and cannot safely leave to purchase food and other supplies that they need.  It is always hard to see our friends in Haiti suffer through these difficult times. Health for Haiti continues to be in frequent contact with our partners in Haiti and we will do what we can to help by continuing to support health and economic initiatives. We also remain committed to supporting local businesses in Haiti.  The businesses provide jobs and economic stability for communities.

Thanks to the many people who have been following the news and asked about the communities we serve in Haiti. In rural Grande Saline, the people are not as impacted by the demonstrations that are taking place in the bigger cities.  So here we can focus on the positive progress that we are continuing to see in the Grande Saline community.

School is open and functioning well.  Below are some pictures from classes in Grande Saline this morning. The children are excited to be in school learning and we hope that the education they receive will help them to bring a new era of peace and prosperity to Haiti.  Supporting the school and educational opportunities in Grande Saline is one way we can help to bring a better future for Haiti. In January, Pastor Berlando said that our support of the school was like planting seeds for the future of Haiti. He thanks Health for Haiti for investing in these children.

The garden also continues to thrive. The pepper and tomato plants are growing in the student garden and the big garden. It is always nice to see the blue sky and green plants in Haiti, especially when you are dealing with February in upstate New York!  This week the gardens were weeded and we are hopeful that the plants will continue to grow.  Success in these gardens will mean better nutrition for the children and families in Grande Saline. Thanks to the farmers, community members, and students who work so hard in these gardens.

The wall around the water filtration system is nearly finished!  The spaces have been filled in and the gates are ready to be installed.  Many thanks to the Endwell and Binghamton Rotary Clubs and Rotary International for helping to fund the wall project. Next month Health for Haiti and the community in Grande Saline will celebrate four years of clean drinking water in Grande Saline.  We are looking forward to working on the next phase of our project to help the community convert the system from gas to solar power.  There is no doubt that clean, safe drinking water has changed lives in this community.

Thank you to the Health for Haiti community, students, and project partners.  The people of Haiti have many challenges to overcome, but there are signs of positive progress that are hopeful reminders of what can be achieved when we work together.

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