Scholarship Recipient Teaches the Next Generation

Greetings from Health for Haiti! In 2016 Health for Haiti started a scholarship program to assist students who were having trouble obtaining an education. Over the past few years, the program has helped many students stay in school and continue on with their education. One of our first scholarship receipients was a young man named Marckens.

Scholarship support provided by Health for Haiti donors enabled Marckens to stay in school and helped him to find a job. After he completed his education he was hired to teach 2nd grade at the school in Grande Saline. Markens is proud to be a teacher in his community and he sees the scholarship program as a big part of his success. Marckens recently asked us to share this letter with the Health for Haiti donors.

 Dear Friends,

 I am Marckenson Dort. I am a teacher.  I have a tremendous story to share about my life. When I was younger, I had many difficulties and challenges, and I was not able to continue my studies.  I believe that God drew me to the scholarship program so that I was finally able to make it.  I always feel such happiness inside because of the donors who participated in the scholarship program.  Because of your help, I have become a teacher in my own community, and this is a source of great pride for me. My goal is to someday go to college and study science so that I can come back and offer a better quality of education to the next generation.

 I always take time to give testimony to other young people who are like me. I tell them about how I never gave up hope and how much I benefitted from the scholarship. Today I am sending this message to all the donors to let them how deeply their support has impacted our lives out here. I want you to know that what you have done has changed our lives totally.  

However, I fell in a deep sadness when I heard how the pandemic has affected your activities and has prevented you from moving as usual in your daily tasks.  Every day I pray that the Lord will lead you back to your normal life and happiness.

Thank you for all you have done for me and my community and God bless you.

Marckenson Dort 

Marckens is definitely having a positive impact on the young people in his community and he is popular with his students. Some of Marckens’ students recently sent videos talking about how much they enjoy being in his class. “I appreciate the way our teacher works with us. I love my teacher,” said second grader, Lafiteson.

Health for Haiti thanks all of the donors who have helped to support the scholarship program in Grande Saline. This is a difficult time for many people, both here and in Haiti. However, despite the hardships we are all experiencing there is still progress being made. It is wonderful to see how a young man like Marckens is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the next generation of students in his community. Marckens is a great example of how a little support can make a big difference!

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