Education Changes Everything

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

Conditions remain very unsettled in Haiti, but the Haitian Ministry of Education has begun to gradually start opening schools across the country. The school that Health for Haiti partners with in Grande Saline School is unique, and actually began holding regular classes in several weeks ago. Although Haitian schools had not yet formally opened for the 2022-2023 academic year, the administrative and teaching staff in Grande Saline had met decided that it was critical to find a way to get the students back into the classroom and learning as soon as possible.

School provides a potentially life-saving opportunity to teach best practices for remaining healthy during the current cholera outbreak. Students learn how to best protect themselves and then can bring that information back home to their families. Although there are teachers and staff who have been impacted by cholera, this critical health education initiative is making a difference for families in the community.

Attending school also means better nutrition. Thanks to the produce from the community garden and generous donor support, school means access to a hot nutritious meal. This may be the only meal of the day for many children who live in the surrounding community.

And of course school brings the gift of education, something that is impossible to put a price on and may be the key to a better future for these young people. The students and teachers are making the most of the opportunity to finally be back in in the classroom, and we wanted to share messages from just a few of them.

“Hello, I’m in sixth grade. I was impatient to see classes opening back. Today I’m so happy to be back at school with my friends! Staying home and not being able to go to school makes me feel like my future is threatened. Thank you to our teachers, our principal, and everyone who supports our school.” 


“Hello, I walk several kilometers on foot to attend school every day because it is a school that I love very much. I always dreamed of attending a school like this. The school has structure and the teachers are very good.” 


“Hello, friends. Today I am happy to express how I feel because I can come back to school. It was such a long time to wait. I am glad to be back because it is important to my future. I believe that education is the key to make success in life.”


Health for Haiti is grateful to the all of the donors who help to support the school in Grande Saline.

Earlier this month Health for Haiti was invited to provide an update to our friends at Tioga Hills Elementary School in Vestal, New York. Students and staff at Tioga Hills have partnered with Health for Haiti and the school in Grande Saline for many years. They have collected supplies and created lessons that we brought with us on past trips. More recently, they collected cans and coins and raised thousands of dollars for their friends at the school in Grande Saline. Thank you Tioga Hills! Your student and teacher friends in Grande Saline are so grateful that you never forget them.

The school in Grand Saline is more important then ever, especially during these dark days in Haiti. It is an honor to continue to partner with the brave and dedicated students and staff who are so committed to quality education. We believe in you. We are proud of your efforts. And we look forward to the seeing you change the world.

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  1. mblackburnc
    December 12, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Thank you so much for this update; it gives me hope for the children in Grande Saline. Let’s hope that the rest of Haiti can weather this considerable storm.

    Marcia Blackburn Recipient, SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Instructor Communications, Art, and History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Departments SUNY Broome Binghamton NY 13902

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