Pall Corporation Donates Laptops to “Bridge to Haiti” Program

Thank you (once again) to the Pall Corporation in Cortland, New York!  Today, the employees at Pall donated 35 (!) laptops to Health for Haiti’s “Bridge to Haiti” program.  The used laptops were prepared and reformatted by Pall employee Rick Dorman, who worked on the laptops in his spare time.

The computers were picked up at Pall in Cortland this morning and delivered to Jack Rappaport, the head of computer refurbishment for BDDP.  Thank you to Jack and the BDDP Refurbishment Team at Binghamton University who will begin work this Saturday to load all the  necessary software on the machines and prepare them for use in Haiti.

In January, the 2015 Health for Haiti students will transport these laptops to Haiti and install them at our computer lab sites.  The students will use the machines to provide some basic computer literacy training to children and young adults. The computers will remain in Haiti and will be used to provide new opportunities for computer literacy training.

The “Bridge to Haiti” program would not exist without generous donations of time and equipment from our community sponsors.  Thank you.

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