Geodis Donates More Toughbooks for “Bridge to Haiti”!

Geodis has once again provided valuable equipment for the Bridge to Haiti program. John Yesensky and his team from Asset Recovery Operations at Geodis in Endicott have refurbished and donated thirteen more Panasonic Toughbooks to the program. Last summer, Geodis donated six of these rugged machines,  the very first computers that Bridge to Haiti placed in Haiti. The Toughbooks are built to withstand rough conditions like drops, dust, and grime….and are perfect for heavy use in rural Haiti.

One of these machines will be dedicated to the Pall AX1 water system in Grande Saline and will permit communication between the Haitian operators and the engineers at Pall in Cortland. The engineers at Pall will be able to monitor the system and help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

The rest of the Toughbooks will be used to provide computer literacy training to children and young adults at our computer lab sites in Haiti.

Thank you again to Geodis for their incredible support of the Bridge to Haiti program!!

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