A Day of Peace and Rest

After a very long and emotional day yesterday, we all needed some time to rest today. We had a later (8am) breakfast and an optional trip to Leglize Sur La Roche, a local Haitian church. Jude gave us a ride in the back of his truck and we took seats on the second level balcony. There was a full band and a group of amazing singers. The music was so uplifting and inspirational and the people were so engaged in the service, it was really wonderful.

After that, we walked back to the guest house together.  At about 1:00pm we boarded our bus (Yay TeeJoe!) and headed for Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying (sorry, no pictures allowed). This is a peaceful place for people at the end stages of illness. There are people of all ages and various levels of health. The students spent time with the patients, played with the children, painted nails and, as you will see, let the patients braid their hair.  After a few hours, we returned home for another amazing meal (thank you, Barbara….we love you!!) and started preparing our bags for our health clinic and education program in Cite Soleil.

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