Bridge to Haiti: Update from La Feve School

The kids at La Feve school in Port au Prince are making great progress with their computer lessons.  They have five computers to use at their school and the teacher has one computer.  The computers were donated by Geodis and Pall and refurbished by BDDP volunteer, Jack Rappaport. The children are learning from the BDDP computer literacy materials. Their teacher tells me that they can now make a folder and rename it by themselves.  La Feve school started out as a school for children living in a tent city.  The families in the tent city have relocated, but they still have their school! Joseph Johnson (JJ), who started this school, recently found a new and better location for the students.  He tells me that the students and their parents are very happy about how much they are learning.  It is always a struggle to find money for the teacher and for the Internet connection, but the JJ does his best to find support for the school from month to month.  We are really proud of the great work that these kids are doing!!

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