Bridge to Haiti: Students in Grande Saline Awarded Certificates for Completing Level 1 Computer Literacy Training

BridgetoHaitiLogoSome of the students at the Grande Saline computer school have completed the Level 1 computer literacy training and were recently awarded certificates from their teacher, Tida.  The Level 1 computer literacy training documents were created and provided by the Bridging the Digital Divide Program, and were translated into Haitian Creole by SUNY Broome student Shaina Louis.  As part of this Level 1 training, the students learned the basic parts of the computer and what they do, how to turn the computer on and off correctly, a little bit about data and storage (KB vs. MB), the basics of using the mouse and the keyboard, basic information about the desktop and file management (how to manage a window and how to create and name a folder), and some basic word processing (how to cut, paste and copy).

The fifteen computers at the computer school were provided by SUNY Broome’s Business Information Technology Department, Geodis and Pall. The certificates for the children and the badge worn by their teacher were designed and produced by Professor Sandy Wright’s BIT 265: Project Management class.The students in Grande Saline do not have any kind of formal school so the computer classes are very special for them.  To be able to earn a certificate is a significant achievement, so thank you to BDDP, Professor Wright, and her students for making this possible!

The computer lab in Grande Saline also has a new table for the students to work at.  Using donation money (and some of the wood left over from the crates we shipped to Haiti), Tida hired a Haitian carpenter to construct a large sturdy table for the students.  Next up: we hope to have a second table and some uniform shirts for the computer students. Thanks again to everyone who has supported the Grande Saline Computer School!

Finally, congratulations to the children in Grande Saline for their hard work under difficult conditions.  We are so proud of you and are excited to see you continue to learn!

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