Computer Classes in Cite Soleil

BridgetoHaitiLogoThe children at the Good Samaritan Foundation Mission in Cite Soleil are continuing to enjoy their computer classes. There are over 100 children using the 15 computers at this location. I received a recent update from Pastor Vincent. He says, “We bring the children in one class at a time, but even then sometimes the line is long and we have to separate the class so every child can have a chance. We are hoping that one day we have 50 laptops all together so the all class can sit down at once. The thing that makes me so excited is that the kids are learning something that is a plus for their future.”  Pastor Vincent also asks that we continue to work to bring solar power equipment to the computer lab in Cite Soleil.  Although there is some electricity there, it is unreliable and sometimes there is no power for the laptops. Thanks to Pastor Vincent and his staff for the update and for all of their work to help provide this opportunity to the children in Cite Soleil.

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