Clean Water and Toilets Needed to Help Fight Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

Clean water and improved health are major goals of the Health for Haiti class. In a recent report on NPR’s Morning Edition, Dr. Louise Ivers, senior health adviser for Partners in Health, discusses cholera and the need for clean water and safe toilets in Haiti. Dr. Ivers emphasizes how critical this is for people living in rural areas and urban slums.

You can view or listen to the full report here:

Now that the people of Grande Saline have access to clean water, we are working on finding support to install solar power to run the filtration system.  In addition, Dr. Robinson has asked Health for Haiti to help to construct some bathroom facilities for the community.  Dr. Robinson suggests a two room bathroom, with two toilets in each room.  We are currently working with the Endwell Rotary to obtain funding to support construction of two of these bathrooms. It will cost about $1000 for each bathroom facility.  The bathrooms will be cared for and maintained by the community of Grande Saline. We hope to provide a few bathrooms for the community in 2015-2016.

Health for Haiti will continue to follow the health of this community and we are also planning for our 2016 students to present an education program discussing the importance of clean water and proper bathroom hygiene when we visit Grande Saline next January.

Below are some pictures of water being distributed today in Grande Saline.

Thank you for your support of Health for Haiti. We are currently accepting applications from students who are interested in participating in the 2016 class, and we are always accepting donations to support the Health for Haiti projects!

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