New Construction Begins in Grande Saline

I am happy to share another summer 2015 Health for Haiti update with you. The people of Grande Saline are making very good progress on the new classroom and bathroom initiatives.  Materials have started to arrive and construction is underway for both projects. All materials for this project will be purchased in Haiti and local Haitian people will complete all of the construction. The classroom is a joint venture between Health for Haiti and the community of Grande Saline.  We are currently using space for computer classes in their church.  The people of the church community are raising money for the roof and Health for Haiti is helping with the walls of the classroom. The classroom will be a first for this community and will be dedicated to educational activities. You can see that the classroom is being constructed adjacent to the church so we will be able to access the solar power for computer classes.  The bathroom is also a first for this community and, hopefully, will be joined by others in the coming months.  We hope that the 2016 Health for Haiti class can put the finishing touches on these structures (doors and paint) and provide some education on bathroom hygiene.

Meanwhile, in the church, things are also busy for the students at Don Bosco Ecole Informatique de Grande Saline. Even though it is summer vacation time in Haiti, our hard working teacher Tida has been doing a wonderful job keeping the kids in Grande Saline busy.  In addition to computer classes, the students have also enjoyed a soccer championship and Tida is organizing a special summer program that will run from 8am to noon.  He is planning to provide a meal for the students and has been busy purchasing supplies and making plans for the program.

Your donations are funding ongoing education initiatives, a meal for the students, clean water, and bathroom construction….all of which will help improve the overall health of our neighbors in this community. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the communities we serve in Haiti when we return in January with our 2016 Health for Haiti class. Thanks for your continued support of the Health for Haiti projects!


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