Safe Arrival and Harmony for Haiti Gets Off To An Unexpected Early But Great Start

It was a very long day but the July 2016 team and our 24 suitcases made it safely to Haiti. We left from SUNY Broome on Saturday at 11pm and arrived at JFK around 2:30am. Thanks to Robin for his excellent driving skills!  After checking all of those bags we boarded our flight and headed to Port au Prince. Our friends JJ. Jean, Elysee and Schneider met us at the airport. We managed to get all of our stuff on Tidjo’s bus and started for Saint Marc. We did not make it very far before the bus broke down for the first time. A couple hours later we had a new radiator hose and lots of new friends. In fact, our Harmony for Haiti Music Camp had an early but very successful start. We got back on the road but did not get too far because of a broken fan belt. We finally made it to Saint Marc at about 5:30….just in time for dinner. We also had a very successful evening meeting with the Saint Marc Rotary and managed to pack for out trip to Grande Saline. Everyone is very tired but it was a great first day in Haiti! Sorry that I cannot post more pictures, I am having some trouble with the Wi-Fi. 

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