Harmony for Haiti Rocks Grande Saline

We had a great day in Grande Saline today. We had an uneventful ride and were so excited to see the 250 kids who came to our music camp. They enjoyed watching the videos of our SUNY Broome students singing the five songs we are using in our camp. After that we broke up into smaller groups to start teaching the songs. It was so much fun and the kids were just wonderful. We served a spaghetti lunch that was quite well received and then worked on our songs some more  The water team downloaded and updated software and is proceeding with the planned system maintenance and cleaning.  The operators continue to do a great job with the system and it seems that there are even more people using the water.  We also visited the garden with the farmers  it was a joy to see the rice growing and how the farmers are preparing the land for the planting the rice plants  Tomorrow we will make and use instruments with the kids and offer a professional development workshop for the teachers.  Thanks to all of our friends in Grande Saline who made today so awesome!

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