Health for Haiti Update and Worries About Hurricane Matthew

We were feeling relieved because the water had finally receded and school was back in session in Grande Saline. However, with Hurricane Matthew heading for Haiti we are once again very worried for all of our friends who live there.  The National Weather Service is warning of torrential rainfall and dangerous flash floods. While we hope for the best and can only wait to see what the next few days will bring, here are some recent pictures.

The sewing students wasted no time in getting back to work as soon as the church was free of flood waters. You can see that they are learning to make a skirt in class. All of the fabric and supplies that the students are using were donated by Health for Haiti supporters.

The rice is growing very well in the community garden.  The farmers continue to watch over the garden and water and weed the rice fields.  If all goes well, the rice will be harvested in the next month or so.  After that, the third corn crop will be planted in the community garden.

Here are some pictures of recent computer classes in Grande Saline. The students are enjoying the new desks.

And we were also so happy to receive these pictures from our dear friend, Elysee Alcidor.  Elysee is the principal of a school in Cite Soleil and his students are beginning their very first computer literacy classes this fall.  Elysee tells us that his students and their families are excited about learning to use the computers.

Here in Binghamton, our own SUNY Broome Health for Haiti 2017 class is coming together and we are excited to make more plans for our January trip. Please check back for information about our upcoming fundraisers and events.

But most importantly, our thoughts and prayers and hearts are with all of our friends in Haiti as they prepare for the approaching storm. We hope that all those who are in the path of the hurricane have adequate shelter and will be safe. We will post updates as we have them.

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