After Matthew

Hello, Health for Haiti Friends. Thanks to everyone who kept the people of Haiti in their hearts this week.  Hurricane Matthew had disastrous effects in Haiti, but our friends in Grande Saline were spared the catastrophic damage seen in other regions of the country.

Although there is still a serious risk of flooding in Grande Saline, thankfully we have heard that the people are safe. We hope to see the community rebuild damaged homes and replace their lost possessions and the goats, pigs and chickens that did not survive the storm.  The water filtration system and solar panels are still in place in Grande Saline and should (hopefully) be fully operational again soon.

As I am sure you have seen in the news, the already fragile communities in Haiti are facing a devastating shortage of shelter, food, and clean drinking water. They are also experiencing an increased risk for cholera and other water borne diseases. It is a sad and frightening time for our neighbors in Haiti, and they need our encouragement and continued support.

We send our love to all the people in Haiti who are suffering in the aftermath of this powerful hurricane.

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