Little Bags for a Good Cause

Hello from Health for Haiti!  The students at the sewing school in Grande Saline have been working hard and practicing their new skill with the hope of raising money to help support their sewing program. In particular, the students hope to raise enough money to pay the salary of the two sewing teachers. Although the students are learning to make clothing and school uniforms, they are also making small bags that are for sale. Their idea to make and sell the bags came from the Economic Development Workshop that Dr. Gay Canough presented in January.

The little bag project is part of an ongoing effort to make the sewing school a sustainable project. The bags are now in New York (Thank you, Ann from Reiser Relief!) and available for purchase.  The hand made drawstring bags come in many colors and a few different sizes. The bags would be great for storing a cell phone or other small electronics, chargers and cords, change, keys, or any small items that you need to keep organized. The little bags could be used inside of purses, golf bags, cars or backpacks. The bags cost $10 and 100% of your purchase will directly support the sewing school in Grande Saline.

Please contact  Jen Musa ( if you are interested in purchasing a little bag.

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