Medical Clinics and Sewing Classes Benefit Community

Last weekend Health for Haiti worked with Dr. Gary and Pastor Berlando to offer another monthly medical clinic in Grande Saline. The clinic was held in the church between 11am and 5 pm.  Dr. Gary and his staff saw 61 patients and they were able to dispense necessary medications and even administer a pregnancy test. Dr. Gary reported that everything ran with great peace and order. Dr. Gary also commented on the great importance of a clinic for this community, as most people do not have other access to regular healthcare.  Thank you to all of the Health for Haiti supporters who collected the over-the-counter medications that are being used in the clinic and/or who donated money that is used to fund the clinic and purchase of prescription medications in Haiti. Pastor Berlando told us that it is a comfort to the community to know that they have the opportunity to obtain necessary health services each month.

The sewing classes in Grande Saline are very popular and and also much appreciated by the community.  Adults and children are participating and they were very proud to learn that the teacher’s salary for April was funded by the sale of the little bags that they made in class. Pastor says that they see this as a dream becoming reality. The picture below was taken at a recent class.

In the video below sewing student, Woodlove Listerlin, greets the Health for Haiti supporters and thanks them for the opportunity to learn things that can give her a better future. She says she lives far away from the school and that she has to walk very far to attend class.  She says that she would like to stay longer and continue to work, and that the teachers are always willing to stay and teach more, but that she must leave to make it home before dark. She also said that many times she must leave home without eating to make it to class on time, but that she is willing to do this. She asks God to bless those who make this sewing school possible.

In the video below, another sewing student thanks the Health for Haiti donors for this initiative.  He says that he is a very hard-working man and that he is grateful for this opportunity to learn a new skill and he is thanksful for the wonderful sewing teachers who invest so much time in their students.  He said he looks to the future when he will be able to share what he has learned with others. He would like to see the school continue to grow so that more people can participate.

Thanks to all of the Health for Haiti students and supporters who have worked hard to make these initiatives a reality…from collecting supplies to carrying suitcases to providing financial support,  All of these efforts are translating to very real changes in the community Grande Saline.


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