Classes Resume in Grande Saline

Hello from Health for Haiti! I am happy to report that the flood waters have dried up and classes have resumed in Grande Saline. The children are back in school and the teachers are back to work.

Computer classes are also back in session and are scheduled to continue throughout the summer.

Sewing classes have resumed in the church and some students have moved from hand sewing to (solar powered!) sewing machines.

There is also good news from the community garden where the rice is growing well and the farmers are preparing the land to replant the rice seedlings.

We have had some problems with a malfunctioning compressor at the water system and, unfortunately, until it is repaired, access to clean water is limited.  A very big thank you to Greg, Wilson, Jean Claude, Berlando, Schneider and Robinson for all of their efforts to identify and correct the problem.  We hope the system will be back to running at full capacity very soon.

We have also seen progress in Port au Prince at Lambi Orphanage. With the help of  some very special donors we have been able to help the children here with some much-needed food and some basic health care.  We are also excited to be starting a brand new garden project (more updates to come).  Thanks to Schneider’s mom for cooking for the kids at Lambi.

It is great to see things starting to return to normal in Grande Saline and we look forward to sharing some additional updates in the near future.  As always, thank you from Health for Haiti!


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