Water, Rice, and More Good News from Grande Saline

Greetings from Health for Haiti! It is late July and there is all good news to report for Grande Saline.  Thanks again to our hard-working international team, the compressor was repaired and the community is receiving over 3000 gallons of clean, safe drinking water every day. The water is central to our Health for Haiti mission and is very important for every member of the community.

The community has also been very busy in the garden.  They have reworked the garden in preparation for the second stage of growing the rice.  You can see all of the hard work and the planted rice seedlings (not sure if that is the correct term) in the images below. Take a look a the garden images from the last post to get a better appreciation for all of the hard work done in the garden. In the fall, this rice will be used to help provide lunch for the over 100 children who attend school in Grande Saline.  Thanks to the farmers and the members of the community who work so hard to take care of the garden.

Sewing classes are also still in full swing in Grande Saline.  It is very exciting to see the students and their progress!

Health for Haiti continues to partner with Pastor Berlando and Dr. Gary to provide a monthly one-day medical clinic in Grande Saline.  Below are some photos of the July clinic held last week.  Since April, Dr. Gary and his staff have seen and treated over 200 patients at the clinic.

A Health for Haiti team is headed to Grande Saline next month and we have a lot of projects to work on.  We hope to install a new compressor at the water system, complete some advance work for our upcoming (hopefully!) solar project, meet with the sewing students and teachers, and provide a fun three day camp for the school children.  On the last day of the camp the community is planning some competitions for the kids to participate in. There will be “races with foot, races with eggs in a spoon, and races with bags as an outfit”.  We are all looking forward to a productive and fun visit in Grande Saline!

Professor Hankin and I are also very excited about the team that is taking shape for the January 2018 Health for Haiti class. We are currently accepting applications (please see link on website home page) and encourage all students who are interested in joining us to apply now!

As always, thank you for your support of Health for Haiti!

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