From Saint Marc to Port au Prince

Greetings from Haiti.  Today we said goodbye to Saint Marc and traveled to Port au Prince.  Some of us started our day with Kristy’s rooftop yoga which really helps to work out the kinks after all those hours on the bus!  After that we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pumpkin soup and got ready to go to church.  One of the wonderful staff members at Le Gou T, Fabienne, invited us to attend a service at her church.  We felt so welcome and enjoyed the beautiful music and singing. The Pastor even invited us to say a few words to the congregation.  Professor Hankin talked about how the experience of seeing the people’s enthusiasm at the service taught us all about something special about the meaning of faith.  After church we picked up our bags at Le Gou T and drove to Estinfil Guest House in Port au Prince.  It was wonderful to see our friend Jude who is a fantastic host!  Jude welcomed us to the Guest House and everyone enjoyed some well deserved rest and relaxation.  Dinner was salad, plantains, rice, okra and beef.  After dinner we had a team meeting and reflected a bit on our experiences so far. We have experienced so much in such a short time.  Professor Hankin and I are proud of the entire team and grateful to our amazing staff who make this work possible. We want to give a special thanks to our driver Steevenson.  He does such a great job getting us from place to place and keeping us safe.Below are some photos from our day (thanks to Marcia Blackburn and Silvia Briga for sharing). Tomorrow is another clinic and education day.  We will be working with about 100 local children.  Thanks for following and good night from Haiti!


3 thoughts on “From Saint Marc to Port au Prince

  1. Thank you Le Gou T, Fabienne, and Luke for caring for our students and helping make their stay with the mission more meaningful and enlightening. This truly is a beautiful step in their educational development they will have with them for a long time. The blog posts are informative, but anxiously waiting for our daughter to return home to give more meaning to each picture and step of the trip. Thank you also Ms. Hankin for your guidance and convincing to the students how meaningful this trip actually is helping in their decision to come along. Safe travels and visits to the last few days of your adventure. I’m sure the families their are again grateful to you all.

    • My apologies, but Thank you Dr. Musa for your informative journal for us to understand where you all are, have been and going to next. It’s enjoyable to read along with viewing the pictures.

      • My pleasure!!! Mikayla and the other students are an amazing team and, as a mom, I know how important getting at least some kind of daily update is. Thanks to all of the families for allowing these wonderful young people to join us on this trip.

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