Work Begins on the Community Garden in Grande Saline

We are in the process of finalizing our 2016 Health for Haiti class and we feel very fortunate to have had so many amazing applicants. It has been very difficult to decide on the most appropriate group of students for this year’s projects and we wish we could take everyone who applied.  Thank you to all of the students who took time to submit an application.

Now for a little update from Haiti:

We are happy to report that work has begun on the community garden in Grande Saline!  Thanks to some generous donors we have been able to rent the piece of land that Tida and Schneider located for us. Tida and Schneider are working on purchasing the needed tools and supplies. And, after a delay caused by some heavy rain and wind, the farmers have begun to clear the land. Some of the local children are also helping to get the land ready for planting.  Again, thanks to a very generous donation, we are now working on purchasing the pump that is necessary to irrigate the garden.

Our long term goal for this garden is to grow healthy food that can be used to provide a lunch for the school children in this community. We also hope that garden can be a place where the children can learn about growing food and plants. We thank Tida and Schneider for co-managing this project in Grande Saline, Haiti. We look forward to helping with this project in January and providing future updates on the progress of the garden.

BridgetoHaitiLogoWe also have a Bridge to Haiti update. The students at Don Bosco Ecole Informatique continue to develop their computer literacy skills.  Tida reports that the students are working hard in their classes. he has asked that we bring some additional hard copies of the BDDP Level 1 computer literacy training documents when we come in January. We also hope to create some additional digital lessons to bring for the students.

Below are some photos of a computer lesson this week in Grande Saline. We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership between students in upstate New York and the students in Grande Saline, Haiti.  We are also excited to spend some time working directly with the computer students in Grande Saline and in Cite Soleil when we are in Haiti again this January.

We are starting to plan some fundraising events to support the work that our Health for Haiti students will do in Haiti in January and we look forward to a busy and productive trip. Thank you for your continued support of the Health for Haiti projects!

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