Computer Class in the New School in Grande Saline

BridgetoHaitiLogoThe students at Don Bosco Ecole Informatique de Grande Saline are now having computer class in their new school.  They are able to run an extension cord over from the church to power the computers.  With the help of Health for Haiti course partner, Dr. Gay Canough (ETM Solar Works in Endicott, New York), we hope that the 2016 Health for Haiti class will be able to install a couple of solar panels on the school in January 2016.  We would like to try incorporate them into the existing system in the church and power a couple of lights and fans in the school. It is great to see classes being held in the new school!  We look forward to working with the computer students in Grande Saline and Cite Soleil in January. Through the Bridge to Haiti program, we hope to continue to bring new content and educational materials to the computer students in Grande Saline and Cite Soleil. Thanks to Tida for providing the pictures and video and for teaching the computer classes.


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  1. Blackburn, Marcia
    October 26, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    AWESOME!!!!! Marcia

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