Nou pral gen yon bel jaden! (We will have a beautiful garden!)

There has been exciting progress with the Health for Haiti Community Garden in Grande Saline. Thanks to a lot of hard work from our community partners, our rented parcel of land has been cleared of weeds and prepared for planting.  The pump and irrigation equipment have been purchased and are ready to be installed.  The community has also purchased the necessary gardening tools and seeds, so it is time to plant! The first items that we are planting in the garden are corn, melons and beans.

Thank you to all of the Health for Haiti donors who have supported this project. A special thank you to the SUNY Broome Garden Club and to everyone who supported their holiday wreath and poinsettia sale to benefit Health for Haiti. Thanks to Tida and Schneider for managing the project in Haiti, and thank you to the people of Grande Saline who are working in the garden. Ongoing expenses for this project include gas to run the pump that is needed to water the garden and some money to support the garden workers.  Of course we also need time and a lot of sunshine (which should not be a problem in Haiti!). If all goes as planned, as Tida said, “Nou pral gen yon bel jaden!”.  And, hopefully, lots of healthy food for school lunches!

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